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Organization of the MND-NET

The centers of the MND-NET have regulated their cooperation in a cooperation agreement.

Network coordinator

Project manager

Prof. Dr. Albert C. Ludolph

Steering Committee

The committee consists of:

  • Albert C. Ludolph, Ulm (Network coordinator)
  • Thomas Meyer, Charité Berlin
  • Susanne Petri, Hannover
  • Julian Grosskreutz, Lübeck
  • Torsten Grehl, Essen
  • Andreas Hermann, Rostock
  • Jochen Weishaupt, Mannheim
  • Paul Lingor, Munich

Technical Committees

The aim of the expert committees is to strengthen the scientific exchange in these special fields, to develop joint projects and, if necessary, to apply for funding for these projects.

  • Neurogenetics
  • Neuroimaging
  • Neuropathology
  • Clinical Neurophysiology
  • Clinical trials
  • Neurochemical biomarkers
  • Health research
  • Biomaterial bank
  • Epidemiology and registries

Communication structure

The partners of the MND-NET meet twice a year in person to make the essential decisions of the network and to inform each other about the progress of the research projects and the network activities.

Monthly videoconferences allow a close exchange between the partners.
The exchange is documented in minutes.

Publications: Since 2012, well over 100 publications have appeared.
You can view some of these publications here.

Are you interested in a cooperation, special studies or would you like to establish scientific contact with us in general?

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